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General Inquiries:
780-413-4125 Ext. 1

Fax: 780-406-4976

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Complex Schedules

Please scroll down to view schedules for the outdoor complex.

Casual bookings at the Complex are currently being accepted through May 31, 2019. Please contact the bookings office at 780-413-4125 ext. 1 in order to reserve time. Payment is due at the time of your call in order to complete your reservation.

Parking at the ESA Complex is limited, particularly with the sporadic access to the small parking lot. We recommend car-pooling whenever possible. Please observe all parking directions; emergency areas need to be accessible. Parking in the ball lot is not permitted, soccer patrons parking in this area may have their vehicle ticketed, towed or locked inside the ball facilities compound. Patrons parking in other unauthorized areas will be asked to move their vehicles, and may be ticketed or towed by bylaw enforcement. Larger vehicles, including, but not limited to, RV's, campers and vehicles pulling trailers will not be permitted to park in the facility.

**Please be advised that NO PETS are permitted at the Complex. Licensed service animals are permitted and staff should be notified upon their entrance . Staff may request proof of credentials.**

For Complex Rain-Out information, please call 780-443-6016. The Rain-out line is updated on weekdays at 3:00 p.m., and on weekends 2 hours prior to game time. Please note - in the event of sudden or drastic weather changes, cancellations may be made at the field.

We do not rent grass fields to casual booking users.

For information on booking rates, click here.

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Welcome to the Edmonton Soccer Association Facilities Website. Edmonton Soccer Association Facilities (ESAF) is a not for profit organization and is a partnership of Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (EMSA) and Edmonton & District Soccer Association (EDSA).


Our objectives are to develop and operate both indoor and outdoor soccer facilities in Edmonton.

Please use the menu bar on the left side to navigate this site. Information may be obtained regarding facilities locations, rental information and pricing, advertising, and sponsorship information, as well as links to employment information, contact information, and related organizations including our partners.

Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

We are pleased and excited to be in the process of planning an expansion to our South facility.  For more information on the expansion plans, including an executive summary and development plans, please go here.


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